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LotR Slashy Graphics

LotR graphics...on the *slashy* side
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For Lord of the Rings graphics on the slashy side.


  • All posts should contain an image or be related to LotR graphics in some way, shape or form.

  • Desktops, LJ icons, photomanipulations, banners, buttons, and original artwork are all welcome.

  • RPS is allowed.

  • Please < lj-cut> any large and/or sexually-explicit images.

  • Warnings are required for any images that may be offensive to certain viewers, such as explicit sex or violence.

  • If you did not create the image being shared, provide credit and contact information for the original artist. If you are found violating this policy, you will be banned forthwith.

    Got it? Great!


    Lord of the Rings is the creation of J.R.R. Tolkien & is currently owned and controlled by the Tolkien estate. No profit is made from the creation of these images.