Mr. Writer (insomnious) wrote in slash_me_up,
Mr. Writer

icons and stuff

I went nuts and have been making icons all day soo I made some Domlijah ones ^_^
and also just because I've never done it before, I made a cheap photo manip (it's G rated, for those who must know).

If you take anything, just leave a comment and please give me credit. That is all. Enjoy :)

(btw, some of the icons are just bad because I was too lazy to make them any better than cheap, thrown together in five minute things. hah.)

take this first one for example..

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.

one lone Dom:


and my stupid manip..

crossposted in domlijah >.
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they are SO doing it. *ahem* did i say that? heh. where in holy hell did you get the picture for #3? i need that picture. will display it proudly as the background on my computer. :) i love domlijah! i didn't even know there was a community for them. wee! lovely icons. :)

i kinda messed with the picture a bit and made it less foggy before i made the icon but there it is!

if you want, i could make it into a layout type thing cuz i'm off now to redo my journal background and yeah.. it's all i do all day so it wouldn't be a problem ^_^


#3 is great.

And #7 made me "aww!"
yay! glad you like them :D
They're wonderful! Adorable! Squee-y!
Most of them are my fave pics too! Hee.
whoo hoo! go me then!
i had toooo much fun making these. i think i need help ^_^

Deleted comment

yeah the image hoster that i used to upload them died a week or so ago =/

i think i still have all the icons though if you want me to email them or something. hah.

Deleted comment

i just realized i can't find your email address! if you give it to me i can mail the icons =)

Deleted comment